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Why can't I keep animated image transparent when alignment is used?

  1. I've created the following page to demonstrate a problem I've had on numerous real published post and pages.

    The animated "cube to dodecahedron" image is first shown with no alignment, and transparent background. I then demonstrate that when you align the image to the right allowing text (lines sustituted, here) to wrap around it, the transparency is somehow disabled. I don't want the background, but it appears to be impossible to remove it if I use any alignment setting except "no alignment."
    Blog url:

  2. By "real" published pages, I meant only pages relevant to this particular blog. This is only a demo page, unrelated to the rest of the site, and will probably be removed soon after the issue is resolved.

  3. You can remove the bg by modifying the image code in the Text (=code) editor. Change this:
    <img ETC ETC

    to this:
    <img style="border:none;background:transparent;" ETC ETC

  4. Thanks, justpi. I'll try that.

    But I omitted a question begged by the demonstration. Why should changing the alignment of a transparent image add a background which isn't there originally. It's a transparent image. Why doesn't WordPress allow it to remain so?

  5. What you've found out doesn't happen in any theme, so it's not "WordPress", it's the theme. That's what the CSS of the particular theme rules for the alignleft, alignright etc classes; when no alignment class is specified, then the CSS rule of the theme doesn't apply and you get your transparent bg.
    You can report this in the Themes forum and maybe WP will fix it.

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