Why cant I log in?

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    I cannot log in to my site – isabellaesthermariarose.com. I have had to go through wordpress.com to get to support.

    The blog I need help with is isabellaesthermariarose.com.



    Hi there, could you let me know exactly what happens when you try to log in here:


    Do you see an error message, what does it say?

    Are you able to log in through a different browser, like Chrome?


    I am on chrome. When I clicked on your link, it took me into my admin page, but when I tried to get on my front page, I am not recognised. The usual links across the top of the page are not there. It treats me like a visitor. I have tried signing in with my details but still nothing. Thank you.



    Hi there, could you please clear Chrome’s cache and try again?


    (Be careful not to clear your browser history or cookies if you want to preserve them.)

    If you still see the same issue, would it be possible to upload a screenshot of the entire browser window, including the address bar, to help in troubleshooting?

    Here’s a guide on how to make a screenshot, if you’re not sure: http://en.support.wordpress.com/make-a-screenshot/

    You can upload the screenshot in your Media Library so I can see it. Thanks.

    Sorry, I meant to ask if it’s the same if you try a different browser, other than Chrome – you could try Firefox and see if it happens there too.


    I cleared everything as per your instructions and then tried again, but still nothing. I tried to follow the screenshot instructions but I’m afraid I dont understand what they mean.
    If you visit my site as a visitor, that is what the screen looks like to me also, with a little note at the bottom, saying ‘follow’. It is as if I am a visitor to the site, and not the owner.
    Sorry, I dont know any other browsers to try. You mention something called Firefox. How do I set that up to try?
    Thank you.

    Ps: All my other sites – facebook, twitter etc are all working perfectly. Just wordpress is the problem.



    Are you running Windows 7 or Vista? If so, it might be easiest to use the built-in “snipping” tool to take a screenshot. Select the Full-screen option. There are instructions here:


    Click “How do I use Snipping Tool” to get started.

    Once you have the screenshot, please upload it to your media library.

    Let me know how it goes.

    To try Firefox, you can start by downloading it here: http://www.getfirefox.net/


    I’m having major problems with this. I managed to get on for a few minutes, and now it’s gone again. It just says “No data received” every time I try to sign in. Am I still within the month to cancel the domain?



    Hi there, to help us rule out a browser-specific issue, could you please try another browser, like Firefox? http://www.getfirefox.net/

    Are you able to log in through Firefox?

    Once we know whether the same issue is happening there it will help us narrow down the possible causes. Thanks very much.

    Am I still within the month to cancel the domain?

    Domain registrations can be cancelled within 48 hours after purchase.


    My daughter has just tried Internet Explorer for me and the problem is still the same. I’m just about to give up now.



    Hi there, could you please visit this page and copy-paste what it says?


    This will help me get a better picture of your setup. I know this is frustrating and thank you for bearing with the troubleshooting process.


    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 7
    Screen Resolution
    1366 x 768
    Web Browser
    Chrome 28.0.1500.72
    Browser Size
    1092 x 508
    IP Address
    Color Depth
    32 bit
    Flash Version
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    Export PDF
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    Thanks very much. We’re currently investigating a technical issue that appears to be affecting some users. I’ll keep you posted here.

    You may want to try accessing your site from another location or ISP (Internet Service Provider) and see if that helps.


    Thank you very much.


    I have tried everything and nothing works. I am not recognised on my site and am treated as a visitor. There is nothing more I can do so there is no point in carrying on with it. I take it WordPress have not been able to sort out the technical issues that you mentioned. I have had several e mails from my WordPress friends telling me that they are all having the same problems. We are all very frustrated. I would appreciate it if you would cancel my domain and delete the site, as I am no longer able to use it. I will just have to put the loss of the fee down to experience.



    Hi Isabella, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience here – we know how frustrating it is not to be able to access your site reliably.

    Our investigation has found that certain UK ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have started running blocking/filtering software, which is limiting their users’ access to WordPress.com. We are working with the ISPs to try to find a resolution and are keeping this thread updated with new information:


    Some users have found that the issue goes away if they access their site on a secure connection, meaning that they put https:// before their domain, instead of http:// – would you like to try and see if that works?

    Can you access your site here?


    Say “yes” to any security warnings that may pop up.

    Can you access your dashboard here?


    This could be a temporary workaround until the main issue is resolved.


    Thank you for trying to help. The link to https didn’t work even though I said yes. The second link took me to the dashboard and I was able to delete all my articles and personal information. The site is now completely empty. I would appreciate you removing it all together as I will not be using it again. I have moved on to another provider. Best wishes.



    Hi there, I set your site to private so it is no longer visible to visitors and search engines.

    I also wanted to let you know that we are still working on the issue Kathryn mentioned previously, and I’m very sorry for the frustration you experienced as a result of it.


    Thank you for your message. As a last ditch attempt I have tried twice this morning to set up a new WordPress account. I thought it might help if I describe to you what happened:

    I went through wordpress.com

    Filled in my details and clicked ‘just create my account’. A message came up on the bottom of the screen ‘waiting for signup.wordpress.com’. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then I was returned to the sign up page, but no account. I have just tried again and the same thing happened.
    Previously, I kept getting the message “no data received”, every time I tried to get onto my previous site.

    Hope this helps you to resolve the problem.


    Ps: I dont know if this helps but I’ve just noticed that on my account the wordpress web address is given as http://isabellarosephotographydotnet.wordpress.com
    whereas it should be isabellaesthermariarose.wordpress.com

    The dotnet one was deleted as I set up two blogs at the same time by mistake, as I thought the first one hadn’t worked.



    Hi there,

    The problems you have been experiencing are due to your Internet Service Provider blocking certain WordPress.com servers, which limits your ability to access WordPress.com properly. We learned more about the blocking that occurred and expect that things should be functioning normally soon. You can read more about the details of what happened here:


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