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Why can't I log into my blog?

  1. I haven't been able to log into my blog since yesterday. I sent a message to yesterday asking for help but haven't heard back. I've also googled this problem and haven't found anything online so I'm assuming it's just me. Please help! Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Before we can try to assist you, we need the URL of your blog, starting with http:// please. Thanks.

  3. I'm sorry. I thought it would automatically post. My URL is I've tested my inactive blogs and I'm locked out of them as well ( and Thanks so much for your help! Caryn

  4. What happens when you log out, and then log back in with this URL?

  5. P.S. It's not a password problem. I can sign in just fine but cannot access my dashboards or post anything. Thanks.

  6. I can't log in from that screen at all. In fact after I log in from the home page, if I try to access my dashboard, or try to post, it bumps me out to that page which I can do nothing from.

  7. As we Volunteers are not able to help you. [email redacted]

  8. Thank you.

  9. You're welcome. Staff will help you sort this.

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