Why can’t I post comments?

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    That’s a good catch!


    I just found you in my Akismet folder and I’m approving you now. I wonder if they’ve been doing some updates on Akismet this weekend?



    Oh, that’s weird!

    One of my comments on my own blog just showed up as spam!

    But it took over an hour!



    Akismet is a has a delay which ranges from a few minutes to a few hours depending on load. De-spam your comment on your blog and then in a little while (or perhaps in the morning) make another comment on your own blog and if it goes into akismet, approve it again. I approved you. I also left a comment on your blog suggesting that you contact the other bloggers and have them approve you as well. By tomorrow everything should (I hope) be back to normal.

    Who knows why it’s not catching you where it was not before.



    @ thesacredpath: Thank you. :)


    You’re welcome. Happy endings are nice, aren’t they?



    Indeed they are. :)



    Okay, so why is it now telling me I’m spam?

    What’s up with that?

    These are blogs I read and comment on regularly, what gives now?



    Unpsam the comments from yourself so Akismet unlearns. You may have to do this several times before this learning takes place.

    {waving to carocat and tsp}


    This seems to happen once in a while, and I can only speculate that Akismet may have recently been updated, and due to that, some people who had not previously been caught up in it, are now.

    This is of course wild, unsubstantiated, speculation on my part. Bottom line is we will probably never know.

    {waving to tt and carocat}


    My friend was trying to post a comment on my blog, but it keeps getting an error message and she doesn’t have a username, but on my blog I put it so you don’t need one.


    I just left two comments on your latest post. One logged in and one not logged in. Has your friend been able to leave comments before?

    Also, check the Akismet spam folder to see if your friend got caught in there. I am thinking that there might have been an update recently with Akismet as it seems to be catching people it did not before. Do note that it may take an hour or so for it to display in your spam page.


    You should delete my two test comments.


    I just realized you said your friend got an error message. Do you happen to know what it said?


    Thank you it was indeed under spam however I am confused it showed up as spam because I can assure you it wasn’t. I really appreciate the quick response I was expecting a least a day before I got some help!


    Glad you found them. As I said, I think there were some recent updates or adjustments to Akismet. It’s a running battle with spammers, and they constantly have to adjust the algorithms they use to decide what is and what is not spam. For the next couple weeks, I would suggest you check your spam folder every day and approve those that get caught. Akismet will learn, but it may take a day or two for each approval to make it through the system.

    I was glad to help and also glad we discovered what was happening. Typically here in the forums, there are volunteers 24 hours a day so you will normally get a fairly quick response.



    Closing thread; Support unspammed me this morning.

    Thanks to all for helping out!

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