why can’t I put spaces between my paragraphs?

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    Hello, I’m trying to put spaces in between my paragraphs and I’m having difficulty. It works while I’m in editing, but when I hit “publish” or “save” or “save and continue editing,” and view my blog, the spaces are gone, and my paragraphs are all pushed together. When I return to re-edit the post, there is no evidence of my having made any changes.

    I’ve tried to edit my post about 20 times and I’m pulling my hair out. Help!



    Hi. Just a few Q’s…

    Which editor are you using (the graphical one, or the plaintext one). Graphical is the default, so if you’ve changed nothing that’ll be your answer.

    How are you trying to add the spaces? Doing anything other than just hitting “Return”?

    Which post is this on your front page (so we can have a look)?




    It happens to me somtimes as well. Try Shift+Enter and it should be fine.


    I deleted the whole post out of frustration. I’m starting over!!!

    I’m sure it’s Graphical, because I’m a newbie to blogging and would never dare change a default.

    I linked in my photographs before I started writing. Could this be causing my problems?

    I was hitting “enter” (repeatedly). Will Shift+Enter lock it in?


    Mantube, I started a new post and I’m still having problems. Can you check it out?


    shift+enter seems to work! (I’m working on my post in draft form)



    Ok. Try (as best you can!) to describe what appears in the editing area when you hit “Return”. Do you get a space of equal size to the one when you hit Shift+enter?

    Any chance of publishing a post (or page) to demonstrate it & sending the link? I’ll need to see what is coming out the other end to have a guess at what’s up.

    What browser/operating system/computer you using too? (Might help, mostly nosy).

    We’ll get this fixed…


    I’m using Firefox and have been able to work around the problem by using shift+enter. Thanks anyway!


    oh – to answer your question, it was not consistent, meaning sometimes hitting “enter” would give me one space, sometimes two, but they’d disappear upon publishing.

    I sent some feedback and received a reply stating they were working on fixing some glitches.



    Glad it’s getting sorted & you’ve got it working. Ta for your patience.

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