why can’t i put spaces in my posts?

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    I have noticed recently that whenever I put a space to separate paragraphs, when I click save it removes the space so the writing is all continuous. It is incredibly annoying. Even if I go to HTML mode and do a
    it removes this too.
    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is thegroundhog.wordpress.com.


    When in the visual post editor, select all the text in the post with a problem and then go to the “style” pulldown at left on the lower row of icons, and select “paragraph” from the pulldown. Click save or update post and have a look. I think that will fix your problem.


    Are you copying and pasting from another source or program? The reason I ask is that instead of having <p style="font-family: arial;">your pagagraph text</p> you have <div style="font-family: arial;">your pagagraph text</div> which is what is causing the problem. To have paragraph spacing you need to use p tags, not div tags.

    Also, since the theme’s default body text is “Lucida Grande”,”Lucida Sans Unicode”,Arial,sans-serif you aren’t gaining anything by specifying Arial.



    Copying and pasting from text editors usually brings problems in most of web pages, caused by hidden html codes. It’s suitable to clean html codes trough a simple-text editor (copying and pasting to simple text, and copying and pasting from simple text to the post)

    In order to insert spaces I use a trick, without html:
    I insert the sign “|”, may be any other, and I change the font colour to the same colour of post’s background, or the most similar possible.
    I’m sure that this isn’t the best way, but it’s an idea.

    (I´m not good writing English, I hope you understand)

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