Why can’t I remove items from Sidebar

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    I have many items on Sidebar and now I try to remove somes by Drag and Drop them to “Available Widgets” but it’s impossible.
    Pls, show me how to remove them.


    This has been a problem for a few others and is something staff needs to fix. Staff does monitor the forums so just be patient and they will get to it for you. If by Monday they have not, contact support via the support tab in the upper right of your dashboard.



    Here is the other thread dealing with the problem.



    Umm, I wanted to know how I can remove the ‘recent posts’ list from my sidebar. It’s not visible in the widgets section, so I can’t remove it by just drag’n’drop.


    You user name is linked to a blogger blog. Do you have a blog here at wordpress.com? If so please provide a link so we can help you.



    Thanks for thesacredpath’s instructions and ideas!
    I tried many ways but couldn’t drag and drop widget. How can I show WordPress’s supporters about this problem?
    Pls, help me!


    To contact support use the “support” tab in the upper right of your dashboard. They open at 9am PDT, which is about ten minutes from when I posted this. The tab will appear when they open. I think at this point they are the only ones that can help. Please provide them with your blog URL, a description of the problem, the operating system you are using and what browsers you are using or have tried. You can never provide support with too much information.

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