Why can't I replace my rating image with a custom one?

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    I try to replace the default stars with (http://potateauxcomix.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/tfrating2.png), but every time I hit “Save Changes”, when I go to look, the yellow stars are back! Is this some kind of Member upgrade? There is no message or anything telling me so.
    Blog url: http://potateauxcomix.wordpress.com/



    There is actually no way to change the Star image.

    How are you trying to do this?



    I go to Ratings>Settings>Advanced Settings. Under Rating Style in the box labeled “Custom Image” I put the URL for my custom image. It appears to work, because the preview displays my custom rating symbols. It changes and everything! The trouble is, once I click “Save Changes” (under Advanced Settings), it goes back to using the normal stars. If it happens That this is not the purpose of the “Custom Image text box, please tell me what is. I’ve been pulling my hair over this and would appreciate an explanation.


    Hi Chykin,

    Would you be willing to write to me at support at polldaddy dot com? I’ll be happy to test this out for you and make sure that everything is working as expected. If there’s an issue, I can ask one of our Polldaddy developers to investigate for you.

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