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Why can't I save my draft?

  1. HI, I've been writing up a new post, but every time I hit save, the draft disappears and the word count is zero. If I check the revision history, the most recent one will have the complete post, but the current one is always empty. What gives? I can't publish the new post - help please?
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  2. I see what you mean about the revisions. Looking into it.

    Could you please provide some additional information?

    1. What browser and browser version are you using?
    2. What kind of content does the post contain? Images and text?
    3. Did you copy/paste the content from another source or type it in directly?
    4. Did you preview the image before trying to publish it?

    Do try clearing browser cache as a troubleshooting step, it's a good first thing to try for issues like you've described. It may not fix the problem in this case, but is worth checking.

  3. HI, I'm using Opera (Version 11.10, Build 2092, Platform Win32, System Windows XP)

    And it doesn't matter what the content is or if it has images or not - I just made a new basic post that just said Testing (Title) and just typed in a bunch of "testing" in the post and the moment I hit save, all the words disappear. Only the title is saved.

  4. Okay, whatever the problem was, it magically cleared up by itself and I can now save my posts :)

  5. @designsimply,

    It's happened again. I can't save any posts I write, with the draft getting erased every time I try to save. I've cleared my browser cache and this time, it's not magically clearing up!

  6. @designsimply,

    The only way I can save drafts right now is to use a different browser (Internet Explorer) instead of Opera, but that's inconvenient since I prefer Opera. Help please?

  7. Can you please download and install the last version of Opera ( 11.11 ) and let us know if this solves your issue?

  8. @paolal,

    I had already updated to 11.11 when I had trouble saving drafts again. Anyway, I tried it again using Opera now, and like before, it just cleared up again all by itself (After waiting a day in between). It's really weird, and I don't know why it keeps on happening. But for now, I'm able to save using Opera again.

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