Why can't I save my edited photos anymore?

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    I’m raising the old problem of editing images. The images are rotated correctly in my files, but the portrait ones arrrive sideways in my gallery. I can rotate them but it won’t let me save the edit. I removed all the cookies, reimported the photos and I was able to save a few. It’s driving me nuts!! I’m already using firefox so that suggested solution also doesn’t work.
    Blog url: http://tamnterry.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is tamnterry.wordpress.com.



    There’s some issue with editing photos right now, unfortunately. No solution yet, but I’ll flag this so staff are aware of the issue.



    It looks like you are using an outdated version of Firefox. Can you try using the latest version of Firefox (or using Chrome)? (The latest version of Firefox is 16.1 – you can get it at browsehappy.com.)



    I updated to Firefox 16.1 – thanks for that Coffeemanmatt. Unfortunately I still can’t edit photos. Next suggestion please.

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