Why can't I scale images easily in the New Post editor?

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    In the New Post editor, I can’t scale the images in my post. I could do this before but not now and it’s very frustrating!
    Blog url: http://lillyleopard.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is lillyleopard.wordpress.com.



    I’m not familiar with code but I basically want to cut and paste different images into the post and arrange them visually before publishing.



    The editor at http://wordpress.com/#!/post/ is still not as fully featured as the editor at Posts -> Add New in your blog’s Dashboard.

    If you want to scale images and such, I recommend using Posts -> Add New.



    I’m using the Posts -> Add New tab, and in the past when I placed an image in the post there was a small arrow when I moved the mouse over the image that allowed me to scale the image immediately. This was very helpful because my posts include several images and I play around with their size and layout before publishing. Right now, I have to go to the Edit Image button and it only gives me certain size options. I’d really like to easily see the size changes for the images without going into Edit for each one. Is there a way to get that sizing arrow back?



    It might have to do with WebKit not supporting it, which is used in Safari and Google Chrome.

    Can you try Mozilla Firefox? I just tried 16.0.1 and the resize handles appeared for me.



    Ah yes. It works using Firefox. thanks for your help!


    You’re welcome! :-)

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