Can’t find my blog on search or tag pages

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    I have read others pages on this matter and I have added more tags and still cant get my blog in the first 8 pages ( i stopped looking after that) it is important to be up there in the first two at least…any tips.


    (I’ve made the title a little more consice so that others who perhaps have the same question can find this more easily :) – Hanni)



    Hi there, What’s your blog URL?


    Hi, I’m having the same problem too!
    Is there something wrong?
    My blog’s URL is



    Idontbelieveinscience, I just clicked on some of the tags on your most recent posts and you are first, second or third on the tag page. What problem do you think you are having?



    I have got the same problem, mi blog have not appeared in the tag surfer…

    You can help me???’

    My URL is

    I contact with te support but they dont answer me, so, I write in this forum…

    Sorriy for my bad english…



    I think If you are logged in as yourself then you can’t see your own blog – try logging out and having another go



    No, this is not the problem. The tags dont appear if I was log out. This thingh was happend in my blog some times, and the forum said that i must use only twelve tags. II use exactly twelve tags and nowt the problem returns…

    I dont know what happendd…

    Thaks for your help



    raulveleia – I searched for your tag vino and tradicion and you were the first blog on the list!



    Yes???? Thanks… The support may resolved the problem…

    Thanks for your help…


    I have figured out my problem, didnt really know what I was doing when I set it all up and I have put skyebluephotography as ONE word without spaces so when I google search it like that it comes up…am I able to change my user name and add spaces?
    Thanks for all the replies!!!

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