Why can't I see my Dashboard icons and icon names anymore?

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    Why has my Dashboard changed?

    The blog I need help with is mytimeout.net.



    Hi there – I checked out your Dashboard and everything looked normal – what specifically is different? Can you provide a bit more detail about what you’re not seeing?



    Hi Eurello, Thanks for responding.. Is this the new normal?
    1. The colors have changed. It’s now black and gray.
    2. For instance: If I click ‘Add New Post’, I can not see words on the sidebar, nor can I see the space where to type the post. It’s all gray/pale.
    3. The menu bar only has icons, that I can only see if I hoover over them with my mouse.

    I didn’t make any changes, and this is hard for me to see.
    Thanks for your help…



    Hi there – the black-and-gray color scheme is new:

    However, you should see the following on your Add New Post screen; is this what you see?

    If not, can you please make a screenshot of what you see and upload it to your Media Library so that I can look at it there? Here are instructions for how to make a screenshot: http://en.support.wordpress.com/make-a-screenshot/

    The menu bar always had icons with hover-text – that has not changed.



    Hi Eurello,
    *Thanks, for the info. I have also read the data under ‘beautiful makeover’ link. I don’t like this change. I can’t see what I’m doing and can not find anything by just looking at the page. Driving the mouse over every section in hope of being able to see what it is, is awful.
    *No, I do not see the following on my Add New Post screen.
    *I have made a screen shot and put it in my media library for you to view. Let me know if I need to edit it to make it bigger for better viewing.
    *The menu bar has ALWAYS had icons with hover-text(?). I’ve never had a problem seeing what I needed prior to this new change. Nonetheless, that’s not helpful if I can barely see the icons. Nor see the word clearly when I hover over it.
    *Can I change the colors or go back to the old look? I’m sorry, but I can’t see this and I can’t move through easily to make post on my blog page.
    *Please help.



    Hi there, thank you for sending us the screenshot of what you see. I checked with our team, and this may be related to an issue with Internet Explorer version 9.

    Can you try downloading another browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) to see if it works in one of those browsers? You can find the latest version of popular browsers here:

    We will keep investigating the issue in Internet Explorer 9, but it would help us to know if the problem is specific to the browser you are using. Thanks!

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