Why can't I see page attributes on the "add a new post" page?

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    I want to add a new post to a subpage, but on the add a new post page, I can’t see the module that makes that possible.
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    Hi there,

    I’m afraid you cannot add a post to a page, as pages contain “static” content. However, you can use Categories to group your posts together.

    For more information on Categories, and how to use them, please visit:



    Perhaps I’m not describing the problem correctly. I’m talking about add a new page to a parent page, which I do all the time. This time, there was no module to help me do that. There was nothing on the right side of the page that said “parent” or anything like that. My Live Writer was down and I had to post on WordPress, which I hate having to do.



    Hi there,

    Could you please make sure the Page Attributes module is enabled in your Screen Options?




    When I click “Screen Options” the following is all I get. No option for page attributes.

    All Categories
    Most Used


    + Add New Category

    Status: Draft Edit
    Visibility: Public Edit
    Publish immediately Edit
    Publicize: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Edit
    Move to Trash

    Post Tags
    Add New Tag

    Separate tags with commas

    Choose from the most used tags


    Okay, I see the problem here. You’d initially mentioned wanting to add a post to a specific page. This actually isn’t possible as posts and pages are separate types of content. We have more details on this in our support docs.

    The page attributes box will only show when creating a new page. For posts it won’t appear.



    Thank you, thank you. You are absolutely right. I am so used to using LiveWriter, which is now second nature to me, that WordPress is still something of a mystery.

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