Why can't I see some of my posts in the tag reader.

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    Quite often I can not see my posts under the tags I put them in. For example I just post a piece (In the Interest of the White Queen) and it did not show up in Politics, news, comics or cartoons. I did not check the other tags.

    This is annoying because I can not be sure that others can see my posts if I can not. I can only assume they can not.

    In case you can see it, don’t simply reply “I see them just fine,” please fix the problem so I can see the posts as well. This would be a great relief.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is ourprocess.wordpress.com.


    I’m having the same problem. I posted an article called “The Eye of God” about 45 minutes ago and it’s not showing up on any of my tags (i.e. Religion, Christianity, etc.) in the “Topics” section. I’m also wondering if other people can see it. And I’d like to see my posts show up, as well. Thank you.

    My blog address is: http://www.meshawnsenior.wordpress.com.



    If you do a forum search you’ll find the topic pages and blog reader features are both broken right now.



    Y U NO working wordpress??

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