Why can't I see the Install Themes tab within Appearance/Themes?

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    Yesterday I ran a WordPress.com blog at fixmycityapp.com (fixmycity.wordpress.com). I wanted the flexibility that WordPress.org offers, so I purchased hosting at Eleven2, and using Softaculous, created a WordPress.org site at fixmycityapp.com.

    When I log in to fixmycityapp.com/wp-admin using my WordPress.org username and password, I enter my site’s dashboard. However, this dashboard appears to be the same as my original WordPress.com dashboard.

    For example, within the Appearance – Themes section of the dashboard, I see an option for Manage Themes, but not one for Install Themes.

    Eleven2 won’t help me with this issue because they claim it is WordPress, not theme. Any ideas of what’s going on here?

    Thank you for your time,

    The blog I need help with is fixmycityapp.com.



    http://fixmycityapp.com/ still directs to WordPress.COM, not WordPress.ORG. You need to change where the domain is pointing via these instructions: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/move-domain/



    Thanks for the help raincoaster.

    I attempted to follow your directions, but ran into some roadblocks.

    For a little background, my fixmycityapp.com domain was originally purchased with GoDaddy. Four days ago I transferred this domain to Eleven2, my new hosting site.

    Attempting to follow the directions in the link you provided, I entered my fixmycity.wordpress.com dashboard under Store -> Domains.

    Since I didn’t purchase fixmycityapp.com with WordPress, this Domains section does not provide me with the Domain Administration section. My only options inside of Store -> Domains is to:

    1. Set primary domain (fixmycityapp.com or fixmycity.wordpress.com)
    2. For fixmycityapp.com I have a Edit DNS option

    Since I wasn’t sure what to do, I set fixmycity.wordpress.com as my primary domain and removed all DNS info from fixmycityapp.com

    Unfortunately, it’s been 48 hours and fixmycityapp.com still reroutes to fixmycity.wordpress.

    Any ideas to get me back on track?

    Thank you!



    The instruction link I gave you says:

    If you registered your domain elsewhere, you can contact your registrar for more information about pointing it away from WordPress.com. You can use the Domain Helper to check where your domain is registered.

    You need to deal with the site that is in control of the URL; right now the nameservers are pointing at wordpress.com.

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