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Why can't I seem to access my own blog after I've posted it?

  1. I created my blog and wrote the content on September 15, 2012. It appeared that everything went through okay, but when I tried to see my own blog, and had friends checking it out for me, none of us could access it. Can you please tell me how to access my own blog so that I can see it, keep it, and write the next one? Linda
    Blog url:

  2. This blog appears to be empty >
    Is your log-in information secure ie. known only to you or is it available to others?

  3. Hi. Thanks for the help. Yes, my url is my own, and we thought that everything else was too. It seems that when I enter
    I can see it fine. I do a bit of noodling around and find my blog - on MY page, but nowhere else in the world. I really want to get this up and running because I have so much I want to do with the blog. I really hope you can help me, and I certainly hope I'm making this clear enough for you to understand. Thanks, Linda

  4. I understand that the blog is empty. I understand that until you publish posts frequently you will not gain search engine attention and there will be nothing displayed in the SERPs (search engine page results) because there are no posts for search spiders to index. Do you understand that? I'm asking because we get new bloggers here who think that an empty blog will magically appear in Google results. For 10 factors that expedite indexing see here but do know that above all else you need to become a content creation machine >

  5. To get up and running use the step by step learn tutorial prepared by Staff

  6. OK, you lost me right around "until you publish posts frequently....." This is all really new to me and this is me alone out there in the world. I just don't understand that on my computer, it says that the post was published on the 16th, yet no one can find it including me. Let me ask you this: do I publish it with my url, with my username, or something else?

  7. This blog appears to be empty >
    There are no published posts or pages appearing on it.
    When you log-in here and go here Dashboard > Posts > All Posts do you see any posts you created?
    When you go here Dashboard > Pages > All Pages do you see any Pages you created?

  8. Please forgive me. Got stuck on a phone call. When I just checked again, now there's not a post on my blog page, yet it was there when we talked two messages ago. Guess I'll have to resend it, but that's obviously a problem for me. When I go to, I should be able to follow the prompts, right? Is there any place else I should go that would be easier or more successful in sending out my blog note?

  9. is definitely empty. According to the activity log, you deleted the post an hour ago.

    If you did not do this, I recommend changing your and email passwords ASAP (as your email address can be used to reset your password). Make sure that you choose a strong password:

  10. Thank you both for all your help. I think I'll let this be while I cook dinner, then come back when I don't have such a headache over it! I really appreciate your time and hope that someday I'll become as savvy as the two of you! Thanks again! Linda

  11. You're welcome!

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