Why can't I select certain buttons or drop-down menus?

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    1. I cannot upload media (the upload photos button will not press); 2. I cannot disable widgets (I cannot drag and drop and if I try to select a drop down menu, the screen flashes and adjusts, but does not drop down); 3. I cannot select screen options.

    I am working on an institutional blog that has yet to be made public–we’re hopefully launching tomorrow, but we’re having difficulties. We have a GoodReads widget, which I think might be the culprit. I cannot disable it.

    I’ve looked in the forums and haven’t found anything particularly helpful as of yet. I’ve emptied the browser cache, checked to see that JavaScripts were enabled… I have the same problem on all web browsers…

    Thank you for your assistance, in advance.
    Blog url: http://imeslebanon.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is imeslebanon.wordpress.com.


    WordPress is experiencing some technical difficulties that prevents some users from doing specified actions. Please go to https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/wordpress-is-buggy-right-now-1?replies=71 to receive more information on this topic.

    Your GoodRead widget is probably not the problem.




    Thanks so much for directing me to the other forum. I’m grateful to know that others are having similar difficulties.


    You’re welcome. :)

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