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Why can't I set my profile pic without using gravatar to track me?

  1. Why can't I set my profile pic without using gravatar to track me? Gawd.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. and Gravatar are both owned by Automattic Inc. the accounts are one in the same as they are together forever.

    Specifically, what is your concern about this?

  3. I only have one email and I like it that way. Back a year ago I have set my profile picture to my real photo. Randy dandy do. Until I used Facebook to login to a site that had Gravatar built in. Facebook gave up my email and I instanly had my photo on there. Which I didn't want, but there was no way to change that cause they only had Gravatar to start with. So I had to change my picture to this iOS 7 styled poo (thank you very much).

    And then I though, why the hell hassle in the first place? All this Gravatar tracking my website data over a tiny feature to have a single pic everywhere? (which is not always a good thing) Oh, excuse me. Did I say everywhere? I meant somewhere. Because in reality you might have some accounts that support Gravatar and some don't. And you still have to upload a pic. In my UX the latter is the case most of the time and that just defeats the sole purpose of Gravatar.

    Take that, open source software lol.

  4. What I posted above clearly states our situation. Read more here

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