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Why cant I upload an excel doc?

  1. I am doing a budget blog and i want to upload the spreadsheet that I am using. Why can't I upload this?

  2. There are a limited number of formats that are supported here, for security reasons. Can you convert it to one of the supported formats, like PDF?

  3. I guess I can try that, but I was wanting to make it available to others to use if they wanted. It really doesn't have any use to upload it to PDF.

  4. If you can find an off-WP site that will host it, you can link to it. You could try; a lot of people seem to use that.

  5. I just tried and no I get it in PDF format.

  6. Excel is one of those file types that can actually carry loads of virus and bad things, so that is why I would imagine it is not included. Do as Raincoaster has suggested and look at a site like as the place to put it up and then you could even use the widget to place it in your sitebar. There are many sites that allow you "free" or "reasonable" upload space for offsite file hosting.


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