Why can't I upload images?

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    I haven’t been able to upload images since Monday. It says that it’s 100% uploaded, but then the options for inserting it into the post don’t appear. It also doesn’t appear in my media library. I tried uploading a file that I previously had uploaded, and the same thing happened. I switched to the browser upload, and nothing at all happened.
    Blog url: http://middleagecranky.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is middleagecranky.wordpress.com.



    WordPress.com has a support article for troubleshooting image uploads that mainly has to do with making sure the file isn’t too large, naming, color profile, etc… but since you’ve tried uploading an image that worked before that article may not be helpful.

    I’ve seen problems like this solved by following the steps outlined in the WordPress.com support article for Browser Issues. Please try those steps, specifically clearing cache and cookies, and let us know what happens. If that doesn’t work, please report back with what browser you’re using and if you’re on a PC or Mac.


    Justin, I went into WordPress this morning to try again and, for reasons I don’t understand, there were the images I’d tried to upload in my Media Library. I don’t know what was awry but it’s fine now. Thanks for your response.

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