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Why cant I upload photos since the "Add Media" structure changed?

  1. chiaroscurophotoblog

    Ever since the new format for "Add Media" I cannot upload a photo. Why? It just sits there shown as "upluading" but nothing ever happens

    The blog I need help with is

  2. mariannedecher

    I'll just piggyback on this one instead of starting a new thread. Same problem here. I hit all the right buttons, like I used to, and I'm led back to my "edit" page and nothing has changed. No picture. I'm not wrestling with tags or alt or any of that. There's just no picture to b found no matter what I do. Bring back the old system. It worked!!!

  3. repurposedlife

    I'm having the same issue with my blog:

    Uploaded photos fine two days ago and nothing today. My browsers are up to date and I did everything suggested in support threads and still nothing. Any furhter help would be appreciated.


  4. Could you please each provide the browser and version you're using so we can try to narrow down the problem? If you're not sure, please go here and copy-paste what it says under Web Browser:

    Are you trying to upload an image from your computer or somewhere else? (Media Library? External URL?)

    Could you please try clearing your browser cache and cookies?

    Could you please try a different browser than the one in which you're having the issue and let me know if you also see the problem there?

  5. Did you read the sticky post at the head of the forum? Changes to Media Handling

  6. @kathrynwp
    Sorry about that overlap.

  7. timethief - no worries at all. :-)

  8. chiaroscurophotoblog

    IE 9, cache is clear. Able to post with Firefox

  9. Thanks! Could you also please let me know if you're trying to upload an image from your computer or somewhere else? (Media Library? External URL?)

  10. chiaroscurophotoblog

    from pc harddrive Kath

  11. We've identified the IE9 issue and a fix is being worked on as we speak. I'll keep you posted here - thanks for your patience.

  12. repurposedlife

    I just downloaded Firefox as well and photo uploading from my computer is now working.

  13. chiaroscurophotoblog

    Thanx much, kathrynwp

  14. The issue with uploading in IE9 should now be fixed. If you still have the problem, could you please clear your browser's cache?

    Let me know if anyone is still experiencing a problem uploading images in IE9 after clearing your cache. Thanks!

    If you're having a problem other than uploading images in IE9, please start a separate thread, thanks!

  15. chiaroscurophotoblog

    I'm up and running again with IE 9. Thank you!

  16. Excellent, glad to hear it. I'm closing this thread now but if you have any further problems feel free to start a new one. Happy blogging!

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