Why can't I use my blog url name as my domain name?

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    I keep getting this message when I type in the domain name I would like to use

    That hostname cannot be added to this blog.

    The main part of your blog URL is its domain. An example of a domain is “wordpress.com”. You can have your blog at any domain you control, such as example.com, or set up a domain to automatically redirect visitors to your blog URL. Read more about it or enter a domain name below and follow the prompts.

    Please contact support if you wish to delete a registered domain.
    Blog url: http://jeevesstlaurent.wordpress.com/



    What domain are you trying to use?

    Your blog is currently setup at http://jeevesstlaurent.wordpress.com/. If you want to get rid of the “wordpress.com” part of your address, then you need to purchase a custom domain for your site. You can customize your domain with a custom domain and domain mapping upgrade in your Upgrades page.

    For more information about our upgrades please see:

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