why can’t I use my current name

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    Why can’t I transfer the currentname.wordpress to currentname.com? I happen to like my current name. When I entered the name, I was told I couldn’t use it. Now, I’m no tech wizkid and probably did something wrong. :(



    It’s quite possible that someone else reserved your name in the WordPress.com context.


    How do I find out if that is the case? I so if I add something to make it different can I use it?



    Nobody owns a name; nobody owns a title. Your best bet is to do a search internet-wide for your chosen name. My suggestion would be that, if you should discover other users of that name, you develop a strong enough brand to drown them out; ie, you talk enough, strongly enough, that they bow to you. This works for “raincoaster” and whether or not it works for you depends on whether or not you’re willing to represent that often, and that aggressively.


    OK, if you haven’t noticed, I am technically challenged. I’m a point and click person. That’s why I am at WP, fairly easy would be the operative word!… So with that said HOW exactly would I check the internet? and why is it OK to use the name with WP.com?



    Would need to know specifically what ‘currentname’ is and what specially is the response you’re getting when you try putting that domain into the system. Not having that information means all we can do is guess instead of actually helping you.

    If you’re trying creativespiritmuse.com, it just worked for me fine without issue. (I didn’t register it though.)


    I didn’t put the .com after creativespiritmuse. can I register the name and still use it if I upgrade my blog to a wordpress blog I can monetize or set up for e-commerce?



    If you register the name you’ll own it, but you won’t be able to monetize your WordPress.com blog at all unless you join the VIP program. You can have a hosted blog and use WordPress.org software to run it, so it’ll work much like one here. No reason you couldn’t have that under your name and monetize it.

    You can register the name through WordPress, use it on your blog here, and then when you’re ready to monetize, just switch the name over to your hosted blog. That’s exactly what I’m doing myself.


    thanks so much for all your help and patience! one last question, is there such a thing as a host that will do all the maintanence, much like what you all do for the free blogs you offer. I am not interested in learning and trying to keep up with all the tech stuff. Thanks again!



    Yes, there are hosts who will do that, plenty of them, but they cost. I’m not sure of the options there, but do stay away from Godaddy. They’ve been known to basically hold people’s names for ransom.

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