why can't insert an image larger than 625 x 724?

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    I can’t insert an image larger than 625 x 724. the maximum size is set way above that. Help please.

    The blog I need help with is thisisnotanenglishcourse.com.



    How wide is the maximum displayed image width in posts and pages in your theme?

    Scroll down to Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels) here http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/twentytwelve/

    The main column width is 625 except in the full-width layout where it’s 960; sidebar width is 250.
    Featured image width is 624 (height is flexible)—these images are displayed on displayed on “standard” posts; posts without a specific format such as image, aside, link, or quote.
    The suggested header image dimensions are 960 by 250 (width, height). However, both are flexible so you can upload a smaller cropped image if you wish. The width is limited to 2000.



    What are the sizes you have set here> Settings > Media?


    max image sizes are set to 1539 x 1578

    I have previously been inserting large images. there is currently one inserted at 1226 x 1465 which I did some time ago.

    Now no matter the image size it is automatically reduced to a maximum of 625 x 724 when inserted.



    By analogy you appear to be attempting to park a Mac Truck and semi-trailer unit in a parking space sized for a Vespa.

    The main column width is 625 except in the full-width layout where it’s 960

    Assuming there will need to be some space on either size of the image I suggest you size it to fit the space you intend it to display in.


    hmm, but then why does an image of 1226 x 1465 that I inserted a few months ago fit nicely in the page? And when the new images are resized to 625 width they fill only about 3/4 width of the page?

    I wouldn’t mind a 625 width if it filled the full width of the page.


    and how would I access the full width layout?



    You can’t insert images vastly too large for your theme anymore because your theme has been improved since then. If you wish to vastly increase the size of the central column of your site, you will require the Custom Design upgrade.

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