Why can't my invited Authors join my blog?

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    I’ve invited a number of Authors to contribute to my blog – only one of them were able to accept the invitation. I can’t see what the problem is. Can anybody clear me up here?
    Blog url: http://fmsmedia.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is fmsmedia.wordpress.de.



    Have they checked their SPAM filters? Sometimes the emails go there.


    Thank you for the quick response – but that’s not the problem.
    They actually get the invites, and click the “accept invitation”-button. But nothing happens. They end up either at the wordpress main page, or their own wordpress account homepage. I can’t figure out what’s wrong…


    The link will lead them to sign into their own blog, that’s where they access it from. They don’t sign in to your blog.


    I should have said ‘account’ rather than blog, because if they have only got a Username they still need to sign into their own account to access your blog as an author.


    @therattlingdoor: I know that’s how it’s supposed to work. Sadly, they can’t write in my blog (it doesn’t appear anywhere in their account). And my user list still displays the status “waiting” as opposed to “accepted at…”.

    Still don’t know why though.


    @mortenqvenild I know the problem, I’ve a private blog and I have this issue from time to time. They way I solve it is to give the people I want to invite, the URL of the blog, ask them to log out of their wordpress.com account (they have to have one first, though it doesn’t have to be one with a blog) and then request an invite themselves via the screen that comes up. Then I just confirm their request from my dashboard area.


    I’m having a similar problem. I’m a teacher at a university and I invite my students to post to the class blog. Two of them received my invitations and accepted, but cannot get access to the blog to post. (The rest were able to do so easily.)

    The two who can’t get access are showing up as “waiting” in my invitation list.

    I’ve sent numerous invitations to their emails, to their usernames and to their username + wordpress.com addresses, to no avail. They are both very frustrated — as am I.

    The blog: http://unlnnn.wordpress.com/



    Hi there,
    I’m sorry this is happening to your students. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    @mortenqvenild: sorry you’ve run into this issue with inviting users. I did notice that 2 of your users were able to successfully to accept your invite. What did they do differently from the other users who did not succeed? I would suggest resending the invites (there is a “Resend” option under Users > Add New) and then documenting the process of a user trying to accept an invite – what do they click, what prompts do they see, what happens when they follow the prompts. If we have it documented for one of the users, it would help to troubleshoot and identify where exactly they get stuck.


    I have resent invitations numerous times.

    Where they get stuck is after accepting the invitation they are taken to the class blog, but they cannot post. They are seeing it as a follower but not a contributor.



    Stupid question really, but worth asking just in case. Did you actually invite them as contirbutors and not followers? Because i believe ‘follower’ is the first in the drop down list, unless you change it.


    I invited them as either or authors or editors — and I’m sure of that because the pending invitations — those that haven’t been accepted — list what they were invited as.



    Well at least we’ve ruled that one out then. They are logging in under their own individual username and password, yes?






    This is definitely only something staff can help with i think.



    @michellehassler: there is an alternative link at the bottom of the email for accepting the invitation. Have they tried copy-pasting that link into browser and loading it? What happens in that case?


    I have encountered the same problem, too—and I think c&ping the link is the solution. I set up a secondary account to be able to invite myself and check out all the steps:
    1) log in to your wordpress account. (The page will probably look a little empty, as if something is missing)
    2) check out your invitation mail and copy the link from the bottom of the mail
    3) return to the browser window where you logged in to wordpress
    4) paste the link into the browser window.

    You will receive the notification that you were added to the blog, and the page will look like a “real” dashboard.

    Good luck :)


    @creativity1011: Thank you Tanja! It worked!
    @jenia: the solution contributed by creativity1011 is a good fix. problem is that I still don’t understand WHY the error occurred in the first place…



    Copy-pasting the link from the email worked here.


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