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Why can't people comment on my blog when not logged into WordPress

  1. No one is able to comment on my blog from another account (Facebook, twitter, etc), including myself if I log out of WordPress and view as a guest I can not comment from those accounts. I don't see an option to fix this. Please Help!!

    The blog I need help with is

    I also had this problem a few months back, can you please tell me why this is happening?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Click the "member" link under your username to locate the previous thread on the same issue

    I posted another test comment right below yours. Please delete it.
    January 18, 2014 at 12:51 PM
    test comment

    I don't know why this is an issue I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. 4pathstowellness

    I am having the same problem with the last few blogs I have written. I will subscribe to this to follow the comments.


  4. Hi there,

    Our team is investigating a problem with leaving comments from Twitter accounts. If you're having trouble commenting from Twitter, please stay tuned while we work on that.

    If you're having trouble commenting from other services (Facebook, etc.) can you please let me know exactly what happens when you try to leave a comment? If you get an error message, please copy and paste the exact error message in your reply. Thanks! :)

  5. When I tested it, I couldn't get it to do anything or give an error message. It just never would work.

  6. Can you describe the exact steps you did when you tried to comment using Facebook or another service, and explain exactly what happened?

    For example, where did you click and at what step did it not work the way you expected? Were you able to log in to your Facebook account but not comment, or could you not log in at all? That information will help us troubleshoot the issue for you. :)

  7. The other day when I tried it, multiple times I clicked on leave a comment, typed the comment, and clicked on Facebook. Logged in, but then when I clicked leave a comment I got nothing.

    As I just did it again to get the steps it worked. However this is not always the case as people trying to comment on my blog using Facebook are complaining about it.

    One time though I was not even able to log in with Facebook.

  8. With Google+ I get the error, sorry message could not be posted.

  9. Sorry, with Google+ I logged in and clicked comment and got the error.

  10. Hi there,

    Thanks for those additional details. Can you check to make sure that you have third-party cookies enabled in your browser? You can visit this page to check: Preview Problems and Third Party Cookies

    If third-party cookies aren't enabled, it can cause the error you mentioned. If they are enabled, and you're still getting that message, could you copy and paste a link to one of the blog posts where you tried to comment and got that message? Thanks!

  11. Hi there,

    Thanks for the link. :) Just to confirm, do you have third-party cookies enabled in your browser?

    Also, can you try the following steps and let me know what happens:

    1. Visit your blog post here:
    2. Log in to comment with Google+
    3. Try to post a comment
    4. If you receive the error, go back to the blog post and refresh the page. Are you still logged in to Google+ for commenting? (It will say, "You are commenting using your Google+ account." under the comment box.)
    5. Try to post your comment again

    Please let me know how that goes — we can use that information to keep troubleshooting this for you. :) Thanks!

  12. This time it posted to Google +.

    Tried switching to Facebook as that was original problem. Logged in, would not let me comment with a different comment. Refreshed, still would not allow me to comment, still logged in.

  13. Also I do have cookies enabled

  14. Also clicking on the post comment button logged into Facebook does not show browser working or anything, it simply does nothing at this point.

  15. I've been having the same issue with several blogs I've tried to comment on recently. I've tried clicking all of the log in options (Discus, Twitter, Facebook, G+) and none of them work. I've enabled 3rd party cookies and cleared Cookies, Cache, etc. but still no success.

    When I click one of those login options the box to connect opens briefly, then closes.

  16. The issue has been fixed by our developers.

    If you're still having issues, could you please try to see if you also encounter this in a different browser, like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari?

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