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Why can't we have a choice?

  1. PS 'new stuff' as in making changes that people hadn't expected or asked for.

  2. Develish1 -- I, too, am noticing a severe drop in comments since this change. my blog is new. My comments, including my replies, were about 20-22 per post. I know that's not much but I appreciate those comments!

    My last two posts? One comment each. So with my reply I went from 20 to 2. Something is throwing people off. Did I suddenly become boring or offensive ... not any more than usual!

    Something doesn't seem right.

  3. This is just a note to remind you that Staff will reactivate the support link again at 8AM UTC on Monday 20th June. If you have specific issues with your blogs IMO you may wish to consider posting support tickets containing all your details when the link is reactivated.

  4. @absurdoldbird

    I agree, all hosting services have a tendency to add stuff as and when they feel like it. While I can't comment on them all, as I've only used a few, all the others I do use at least offer an "off" switch for you to use when they do add something.

    Given the number who are seeing issues with this new feature I'm hoping WP will also decide to give us that choice. I can hope, right?

  5. @timethief

    all the issues mentioned by myself and others as regards scrolling, having to click multiple times, and the comments sitting in the box after posting have already been reported to support by several users that I'm aware of.

    Thanks for the reminder though, as there may be more people struggling who haven't yet reported that they too have these issues.

  6. @develish1
    You're welcome. As I wasn't sure whether or not all those posting here, let alone those reading this thread, who have problems have reported to Staff I thought a reminder would be in order.

  7. @timethief
    When does it get redundant and bog down support when they get many questions about the same issue?

  8. @develish1, do you mean to say that hosting companies arbitrarily add stuff which affects your blog? I'd find that hard to believe, though I have no experience. My assumption is that you are responsible for your own blog and updates when you recruit a hosting company. It is another matter how wordpress development affects you when they update their software. You invest your time, efforts and money in one particular software, you are stuck with them through thick or thin.

    An average user of a blog would rather let or host their blogs, and this is the demographic which has moved over to microblogging, tumblr etc and social networks in droves. The rest are serious bloggers and most of them are paying one way or the other.

  9. Well, good grief. I received a comment on my blog this morning with a facebook URL and deleted it as spam.

    I didn't quite realize that people now can log in to comment through facebook. I thought those buttons were just there to give folks a chance to share posts through those services.

    I want nothing to do with Facebook, and I resent having it forced down my throat. On the other hand, I've noticed an increasing number of sites - particularly online news sites - force you to comment through FB or not at all.

    It's interesting that Blogger is facing dissention in the ranks re: their commenting procedure now, too - and I noticed this morning that my email notifications of new posts from Blogger now are carrying as many as four advertisements from Google.

    Those quotations re: our role in all this are exactly on target. Still, I'd rather focus on content than on learning how to run the backend of a blog, so I'll just sort-of grin and bear it.

  10. @arifsali
    sarcasm is a dying art, one you are clearly not as adept at as you appear to think you are, lol

    do you really think that if I had the financial capability to pay for a site, that I'd still be here using this for free, given that I could export my entire site in a matter of minutes/hours to somewhere else? I assure you I would not, nor would the majority of other users who are being forced to suffer the whims of those providing a "service" which sadly of late does not offer the flexibility it once did.

    As stated in my earlier comments, I am already looking at alternative options for hosting my blog, since there are in fact several out there still, who do allow the blogger to choose what is and is not acceptable on their own blog, and still do not charge anything for this.

    In some cases this might mean more ads, but I'd actually rather suffer the ads some services insist on, then stick with a service that forces me to accept direct links to sites I do not wish to be associated with, and comment boxes they don't work as they should, and that actively dissuade my readers from commenting.

    If that makes me a difficult customer, then so be it.

  11. @develish1, my question in the first few sentences was honest, but I now realized that the rest of my comments were in general and not addressing you directly. Perhaps that caused you to call me out for sarcasm? Wasn't meant to be. Apologies.

  12. @arifsali
    that's okay. I've spent the last 48 hours on and off (as I do every weekend) dealing with people who are (well lets just say calling them idiots would be a compliment), on a site where I work voluntarily as a moderator, so perhaps I jumped a bit too fast to the sarcasm assumption. If I did, then I too am sorry for that.

    The rest of what I said still stands though, I would love to be able to afford my own site where I had total control, but sadly I'm out of work right now, so every penny counts. I've been with WordPress for a few years now though, and this is the first time they've messed with things to such an extent that I've actually considered leaving.

    I could maybe have handled the new buttons, if they hadn't caused so many extra problems in their wake, or if they'd at least given me the choice of an off switch.

    As it stands, well I'm unhappy, and so are my readers it seems, if the drop in the number commenting is anything to go by, so my options are limited. Stick it out and hope they give me an off switch soon, or leave. Neither sounds terribly appealing at this point though.

  13. The forced interaction and advertisement for facebook is noxious enough. But I suppose I could endure that.

    But that they're not only forcing this thing on us, but doing it so incompetently, that this ugly and offensive comment box doesn't even work, is the most disgusting part.

  14. Yesterday I wrote a message in Comments explaining to readers that they needed to scroll down to find the Post Comment button, that they should click the button more than once, and that they needn't be put off by the twitter, facebook and guest buttons.

    I learned that comments made that morning never appeared, as I suspected. This is so discouraging when your blog is brand-new and people are looking at it and commenting (or trying to comment!) for the first time.

    Since my instructions were attached to that post, I may have the same problem again today and from now on. . . unless I keep putting instructions above the reply box! How tacky.

    I did contact wordpress support.

  15. What a breath of fresh air to realise more and more people do not like Facebook and Twitter and would rather go without them on their Blogs. I thought I was the only one!
    I'm new here and one of the first things I noticed is that we can't opt out of those unwanted "services". Ideally I would like to select "StumbleUpon" as my only sharing button for my readers. I wonder if that's possible. If this is off topic apologies, I would start a new thread.

    @develish1 - I love you passionate anti-FB style! :)

  16. @treespirit11: Yeah, your question is off-topic :-) but here's the info on how to change the sharing services.

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