why can't wordpress.com stick with WHAT WORKS for older sytems?

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    Why is it that EVERY “improvement” to the WINDOWS based system here NEGATES the USE of an older, LINUX based os? The plethora of scripting disallows any use. Or, IS it that this is how wordpress.com forces the “premium” package sales?

    The blog I need help with is awinkandanod.wordpress.com.



    Well, I’m not on Linux, and I can’t afford anything (payday lenders every month because the boss does not have to pull his weight), but your explanation as to why my WP is getting progressively glitchy is as good as any.

    I get a great big empty box where I believe there would normally be stats on one front page. I can’t get to the stats diagram showing countries no how, even though my mother can on her old crappy Acer pc. Go figure. I get one page where every link is dead. I can’t get to my dashboard, blog or any WP site via that page. I eventually manage to activate the toolbar and can access my blog and dashboard via that. Okay, It’s a free blog. But can I have it or not?

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