Why can't you block users? Stop trolling "pingbacks"?

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    Why isn’t there an option to block users and their pingbacks?

    It’s not enough that Opinionated Man can threaten me quite openly, but his little troll minion Blackbird, who has only engaged in ad hominems and trolling on my blog in her few visits to the blog seems to think that I cannot READ her utterances and decide to moderate her ad hominem attacks.

    She’s moderated for being a troll, and isn’t being censored. One would have to actually engage in reasoned debate to have a legitimate charge of censorship.

    Unable to grasp that my blog on not churning viewers was legitimate advice, and that I wrote it to counter what I saw as HORRID advice by Opinionated Man (he was later SUSPENDED for following to much), she has done nothing but troll me in her few visits.

    This makes WordPress quite a hostile environment actually, to the point I had to uninvite her.

    In reviewing blog, I note her REVIEW of Opinionated Man’s blog, which is quite glowing, and her policy, much like Opinionated Man’s, which simply establishes her intent to troll.

    Why do you allow trolls to ruin others fun?

    I’m happy for her to have a blog, and OM to have a blog, OVER THERE, but when they come in my house, they are impeding MY Fun.

    She of course now thinks my blog series on the Quinnipiac Queso for Casa controversy (made news coverage in New York) is a “rant” and that I somehow have a personal motive for blogging about the story.

    I do not. I was blogging from the perspective of someone who found fault with both sides in how they handle the story.

    I have blacklisted her, and told her. This only caused her to return to my blog, and then ping me with blogs…

    I’d like “blacklist” to block pingbacks as well.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is andykaufmanskavalkadekrew.wordpress.com.



    Do not feed the trolls – do not engage with them – don’t tell them you have blacklisted them – ignore them – you don’t need to approve any Pingback – delete it – you can mark their comments as Spam

    By engaging with a troll you feed them and they live for that – trolls are abusive jerks that enjoy causing pain in others – ignore them and don’t ever answer back

    If their blog violates the terms of service here – turn it into the TOS group




    Yeah, I blog on social media best practices, networking, marketing, and associated issues.

    Including moderation and policies although my blogs have been primarily about Twitter.

    My interactions with Opinionated Man on Twitter have risen to the point that the San Francisco (where Automattic is also headquartered) DA has opened files, and we have made substantial headway in twitter changing their moderation practices. The SF DA’s office credits much of this to my blogging, and what their office has learned.

    My post here is to point out what I think is a substantial flaw in WordPress’ moderation policy, it’s not so much about me. I’m just the example of the behavior at present.

    Part of “not feeding trolls” leaves them able TO TROLL, largely at will. This should be stopped when their conduct is that egregious.

    Given the extensive pattern of trolling by Opinionated Man (literal threats about killing, bullying and intimidation) and his little minion here that I have documented, I think it warrants more of a response from WordPress.

    I don’t think I should need a court order to have at least a relatively safe place to blog.

    I have reported the content, and blogged about it, which I thank WordPress for.



    I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond. To subscribe look in the sidebar of this thread, find the subscribe to topics link and click it.



    Thank you Timethief.




    Given the extensive pattern of trolling by Opinionated Man (literal threats about killing, bullying and intimidation) and his little minion here that I have documented, I think it warrants more of a response from WordPress.

    We address situations like this through our abuse process. Would you please document and report the instances of abuse you refer to here?





    I have reported this previously.

    What I got back was the answer about WordPress’ immunity as per the communications decency act.

    I will try again, but I do expect much the same response.

    I will continue to blog about this, as it’s quite astonishing to me what I have documented, and what is allowed, immunity or not….



    I have noticed a very few random unfollowings.

    I have always followed through the reader. I assumed it was a bug causing the unfollow.

    I don’t seem to have any significant numbers of unfollows to my own blog.




    As predicited I got the same auto responder response which states that,

    “While WordPress.com does not condone the opinions expressed on the site in question, we will not remove material on the grounds that it is offensive or disturbing to its readers. Please refer to our position on freedom of speech at the link below:”

    I am not reporting offensive or disturbing opinions, I am reporting bullying, intimidation and threats. That are actually documented with links and screenshots.

    At this point I have no confidence that reports are actually reviewed by humans, thus the need to point out in these forums what Opinionated Man is allowed to do.

    I fail to see how Opinionated Man’s bullying, threats and harassment is a valid exercise in free speech.

    I am also happy to blog about it, and I thank WordPress for the privilege.




    Shawnajroberts has responded in OM’s thread, where I am prohibited from responding.

    This is not a personal issue between OM and I.

    This is me blogging and askign why OM is free to cyber bully and intimidate others, not just myself.

    That Shawnajroberts feels it’s a personal issue that they can’t mediate is indeed part of the problem.

    OM simply continues to troll with his “reblogging.”

    A screenshot of his “reblog” and comments are enclosed. This is how his minions come to troll, rather than engage in informed discussion.

    The lack of maturity on OM’s part is obvious.


    I am not writing about him, I am writing of the terrible abuse WordPress allows, and he’s the best evidence of that abuse.


    The automated response I received is wholly inadequate, and indicative of a lack of taking open threats seriously.



    And as you can see, the trolls start arriving shortly after OM troll reblogs.


    OM’s predatorial nature, and abusive “reblogging” policy has been documented in the blog listed under related topics.


    I am still astounded WordPress allows this. Attempting to suppress free speech is not a valid exercise OF free speech.


    Anyone that reads your post can see you wrote about me and I reblogged it. Welcome to social media! :)



    Yeah, Im now explaining how your abusive reblogging policy works.

    It’s brilliant content and evidence.




    The true measure of any person’s character is how they treat others. We can choose to ignore those who appear to be unable to rise above they abuse they have suffered in their early lives – abuse that prompts them to project superiority as a cover for their obvious inferiority. We can tun our backs to them, and we can pity those who are not smart enough to refuse to become entangled in the web of delusion that attention seeking trollish abusers spin. Always remember auxclass’s advice which is well expressed here in How to Starve a Troll because feeding trolls amounts to playing their sick game.


    @timethief Do you have an article on how to block “fake wordpress helpers” that merely use the forum to pump their own site? Or does that not fit into your “unethical radar.” I find your definition amusing about deceit considering you hawk these forums specifically for followers and views back to your own blog. There very fact that you don’t admit it is the part where you should revisit your own definition of deceit.

    Again you and raincoaster do a great job of making a show that you “help” people. All you both really do is help those few you care to and the rest you try to goad into making the wrong comment so you can have them moderated. I know your game and it is one you have played for a long time timethief. Pretty pathetic actually. -OM



    Timethief, my blogging on Twitter’s moderation has brought forth change, as the San Francisco DA”s office feels my blogging is partially responsible.

    The policies in place at twitter were similar to what WordPress allows, and twitter is taking steps to end that abuse, WordPress still seems to allow bullies like OM to have a platform.

    The abuse here might not be as well known as Twitter’s problems, but OM exploits policy both on Twitter and WordPress to be openly abusive, and issue threats.

    I will always talk about this, otherwise he simply can slink along, doing far worse than trolling.

    I pity those who are taken in by OM, but wish to stop others from falling into his little trap.

    Forewarned is forearmed.

    After all, OM has tweeted and blogged about feeling a need to kill and that I’m not getting his message.






    Excuse me, but I believe OM is off topic and I hope he is moderated in my thread, as I was in his.



    You do not have to approve any pingbacks that you do not welcome.
    You can use comment moderation https://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/discussion-settings/#comment-moderation the comment blacklist as well. https://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/discussion-settings/#comment-blacklist
    And, you can block blogs from even appearing in the Reader and from displaying when you’re browsing the Reader Topic pages of blogs you don’t follow.



    I recommend reading the article published by Staff on their blog titled How to Starve a Troll that I have linked to above in this comment https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/why-cant-you-block-users-stop-trolling-pingbacks?replies=19#post-2325431

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