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why categories become tags in White as Milk

  1. if you click on the category under a post you get redirected to the en.wordpress.tags page.

    But I don't want that. I'd like the category archive to open up [all posts filed under ...], as happens when you click on the category menu in the sidebar!

    It seems pretty strange to have two entirely different archival set-ups.

    Anyone? Would be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. btw, it's this one:


  3. I think this is a default behavior across the board for all blogs. The category links on the blog post itself will take you to the global category page, and the category link from the widget, will take you to the blog's own page.

  4. ~~ waving to Arifsali


    Arifsali is correct this is normal behavior for blogs. If the blogger objects to sending and receiving traffic from the global tag pages then they can switch to the iNove theme and make all links "local" direct only to their own blog contents.

  5. ah, thank you Arifsali and Timethief; that explains why I couldn't find any option to change it back or something. --still find it odd, but will stick with the white as milk theme.
    thanks for your quick responses!

  6. You're welcome and best wishes with your blogging. :)

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