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Why close a topic before I can respons?

  1. Why do WordPress members or staff close a topic before I can respond? You may as well not respond to a forum post if you are not prepared to wait for a response before closing a post you are not dealing with things at all?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Because the ultimate response by staff has been made, and no reply you could make to that would change it

  3. @raincoaster
    oops! sorry about the overlap

  4. The information that has been given is incorrect, according to google, surely the gods have to be humble enough to be sure that they have actually dealt with an issue properly and accurately before just dismissing it?...

  5. The information I posted is correct and has been corroborated by Staff. There is a process for you to use - use it!

  6. She gave you the instructions: did you follow them?

    Nothing does can change what Google does. If you want something off Google that's already off WordPress, contact Google.

  7. I am trying to do so and started off asking for help here! And this is where I have arrived!

    An article is being hosted on a WordPress forum and has a WordPress forum web address, google inform me that before they can remove the article it needs to be deleted by the host so it returns the 404 message, the host is WordPress?
    Please Advise

  8. Click this link
    Use the form to enter all details, copy and paste the communication you have had with Google into the form, and submit it.

  9. Thank you

  10. As I've explained earlier, we cannot deal with complaints issues in the public forums. As the proper route to follow has been provided in several threads including this one, this duplicate will now be closed.

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