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why de wordpress can't proccces my request.

  1. i can't changing email address.
    Blog url:

  2. Hello there,
    The email address you used when registering your account is listed in:
    the Settings tab on the home page, or
    Users -> Personal Settings in your dashboard

    Please see here > Issues Changing your E-mail Address

  3. i do everything, but don't work. the link that they send me at new address do nothing.

  4. I will flag this thread so Staff help you with this.

  5. I am very grateful.

  6. Would you please paste the link that you received here?

  7. That should work perfectly.

    Try dropping the trailing slash.

  8. Should be, but...
    only recognizes the old email address. what a shame.

    very grateful for your time.

  9. I have flagged this for Staff attention again. Please hang in there.

  10. O.k, I will.

  11. Is the correct email address displaying at Users -> Personal Settings in your Dashboard?

  12. Now I can change the address in the Personal Settings.
    Problem solved.
    you are the best, thank you both.

  13. You're welcome!

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