Why did a teacher's site get removed?

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    I’m a teacher who teaches other teachers how to build a website using WordPress.com You can see the link to our class blog below.

    During the class that I taught last week, two participants had their website and account immediately shut down while they were working. One person contacted WordPress and was able to get her site restored within 12 hours. The second person had her website almost totally completed when she tried to add a video URL to her site. It was shut down. I advised her to contact WordPress to ask that it be restored, which she did. Unfortunately, that was last Thursday (7-12) and it’s still not restored as of this morning (7-15). This is most discouraging since the teacher spent almost two full days working on her website only to have it completely removed.

    Would you please investigate and restore the site and/or let me know why it was shut down? The site URL is: http://comickeyblog.wordpress.com/ The account name is: comickey2013

    I truly believe that WordPress is a wonderful tool that could be extremely useful to teachers and students. However, my confidence in using WordPress.com was shaken when 2 out of my 16 teachers had their sites shut down for no apparent reason. I’ve got to say that the other teachers in my class that witnessed this problem were also a bit shaken.

    I’ve been a WordPress user for some time, both with .org and .com sites. I’ve never had a problem with one of my sites being removed. I’ve read the TOU, and I don’t believe that the teachers in my class violated the TOU when their websites were immediately removed. Is there other information that I can share with my teachers to let them know specifically what might trigger removal of their site?

    Thank you for your help.

    Laura Bogush
    account: LauraB1958

    The blog I need help with is lauraswordpressclass.wordpress.com.



    The site is back up and running. Thank you WordPress!



    Glad it came back up – sometimes mistakes are made and that is always a bit difficult for someone to wait for the response from TOS –

    I know many teachers use WordPress.COM and other versions of WordPress to help teach their students – good on you for helping teachers get started


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    I recall this happening once or twice before, with a classroom. Blogs were suspended. I think it had something to do with many students posting from the same IP address (??) at the same time. There may have been more to the problem, but my memory fails. Do you have any more information?



    There have been problems with students at the start of a class and all trying to register a new blog in a short time from the same IP address and some sort of Spam filter being triggered

    In the case above it looks like the blogs were both up for a couple of days so the filter should not have happened – so not even a guess on my part – maybe if someone looked at the blog they could guess – but that would all it would be since the TOS group will not discuss the triggers other than in general terms of for obvious stuff like a “lot” of affiliate links

    but glad they got their blog back

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