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Why did half my menu disappear when I added 3 pages to the menu?

  1. I added three pages to the menu and now half my menu has been deleted. Can you get this back for me as I had quite a few subsections.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you checked here? Appearance > Menus
    Are the items that are missing there?

  3. No, not there. It seems every time I try to update WordPress in the daytime it has issues. But it has never ever deleted half my pages (30+)!!!! Now I'm resconstructing links onto one page!

  4. I would not panic.

    Are the Pages here?
    Dashboard > Pages > All Pages

    P.S. Do you have more than 88?

  5. yes pages are there and yes I have more than 88

  6. What are some of the titles of these "missing pages" please? I'm asking because I can see three Pages with many sub-pages and even grandchild pages in the dropdowns below them.

  7. There are other reports of the same issue in this thread Please post into it as it is tagged for Staff attention.

  8. Miscellaneous section (page) had about 12 pages or more, Travel had about 10, Happy Hours had about 8 pages too many to list. Also missing Reviews under food, - too many pages to list. Some are Oh Happy Hour, Happy Every Day, Saucy Sunday, Bar 169,

  9. So does that mean my menus will appear again tomorrow or will I have to restructure? Will this be remedied? That's what I need to know.

  10. As I located the other thread with the same issue I believe that Staff will have to address this bug, glitch or whatever it is. I think it's best that those with the same issue post into the same thread so no one falls through the cracks, so to speak.

  11. That makes sense, but in the meantime in case it takes them a few days to put my pages back, I'm reconstructing my "index" manually - ie. find your subsection page, and just add all your subpages as links on that one page and then add the main section link to your home page so your readers can find it. Old fashioned but works. I won't be home for the next three days to see when and if my menu magically reappears and don't want my traffic to dramatically fall... Thanks for your help though.

  12. You're welcome and please don't forget to post into the other thread so your issue does not slip through the cracks.

  13. Thanks, just did.

  14. Good.

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