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Why did I lose my followers when you wouldn't move them because of e mail?

  1. carlpaulhenneman

    I got my own website Contacted you about moving my followers to new site. My followers disappeared but never showed up on new site. it was said it was because I could only move followers subscribed through e-mail. Now I have no followers on either site except publicize followers on old site, none of the WP followers. Can I have my old WP followers back on old site like it was before all this.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's not possible to move the followerS using the Reader to a non-existant Reader. blogs have common features such as a Reader. blogs comprise a community of bloggers using the same blog host. blogs are stand alone islands. There is no community as there is here at

  3. Go back to your blog here
    Provide the new URL in a sticky post instructing your followers using the Reader to subscribe to your site.

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