Why did I stop receiving email notifications for new 'instant' blogs I follow?

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    Why did I stop receiving email notifications of new posts for blogs I follow. I receive comment notifications and non blogging email, and and self-hosted blogs, and ‘daily’ notifications and from the Daily Post…but not ‘instant’. This began May 11,2013 some time after 10:30 am . I have done much research on my settings (which I had not altered) and on forum which I did leave this question but no one has been able to get back to me. There is nothing I can think of to check still.
    I will leave you the link where I asked questions and tried to give them information that would possible help as I discovered it… I would really appreciate any help. I am beyond frustrated. Thank you so much…Diane

    This is the link to the forum where I asked question for your information. At first it also involved leaving a comment but that cleared..that’s why the whole issue was raised there.


    The blog I need help with is hometogo232.wordpress.com.


    I want to tell you that after much research and actually accidentally finding out the problem….it is that ‘Outlook’ has or will soon taken over all ‘hotmail’ accounts and did so to me on the 11th without advising me at the time…. So all my missing emails were on another site…..and my missing emails in the ‘junk’ folder… After calling someone to help me I got them transferred and now have the ALL!!

    Because it was involving only my ‘instant’ notifications I really thought it was a WP glitch…but I’m sure you’re glad that it wasn’t…. Thanks anyways…Diane

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