Why did Leave a Reply box disappear

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    leave a reply doesn’t show up on home page even after setting i up

    The blog I need help with is jinahkimblog.wordpress.com.



    The leave a reply box all of a sudden disappeared on my home page. I tried re-setting in discussion settings and saving it, but still nothing. I can see it on my admin page, but not when someone else goes onto the blog. Help?


    Go to the ‘Page-All Pages’ menu in your Dashboard. A list of all of your pages will appear. Scroll over the ‘Quick Edit’ for each page. A drop down box will appear. To the right, see ‘Allow Comments’. If you want a Leave a Reply box to appear on each page, then make sure this box is checked. If you do not want a page to have a Leave a Reply box, then make sure the box is unchecked.

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