Why did my blog reformat itself?

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    Everything on my blog was exactly the way I wanted it a couple of hours ago. I just logged back on to check it out and it was formatted completely wrong. The side bar is missing and the blog is no longer centered on the page, it is spread out across the entire screen. It is happening to everyone I ask, it is not just on my computer.

    The blog I need help with is trailrungirl.wordpress.com.



    It’s a problem with the Freshy theme on WP’s end … no word as to when it will be fixed.


    :-( Yeah, happening to mine too. I hope they fix it as I like that theme!


    I hope so too. I guess all will correct itself when they finish what ever it is they are doing… I love the Freshy theme and do not want the hassle of having to find another. Fingers crossed.



    Thank you all for your replies! Totally sucks that it’s the theme, I hope it gets resolved. But definitely happy for the replies before I went looking through all of my HTML for the problem!



    We’re sorry for the trouble – this issue should now be fixed.

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