Why did my blog show us as suspended when I tried to login via Chrome?

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    I tried to access my blog today via the Chrome App and it told me my blog was suspended. I tried another browser and see that it is not suspended. I cleared my cache in Chrome and can now log in, but is there anything that needs to be done on the WP end or can I consider this a fluke?

    The blog I need help with is bookchatter.net.



    Thanks for the report. We experienced a temporary technical problem that resulted in some folks seeing the wrong site, and other folks seeing a suspended-site message, even though their site was not actually suspended.

    We’re sorry for any confusion and for the inconvenience.

    If you still have any trouble after clearing your browser cache, please let us know!


    I can get in now, but it’s not letting me run a back-up (XML export). Says the WP app is not reachable. I tried two different browsers with the same result.



    Hi there, your export is likely failing because it’s too big – 17,000 comments is a lot. :-) I’m requesting a manual file export for your site from our developers and will keep you posted.



    I’ve sent your export file by email – please look out for it.


    Thank you. I see the file. It’s not an XML file or one that I recognize but I’ve unzipped it to keep just in case anything else goes wrong. Thank you.



    You’re very welcome. It’s a WXR (WordPress Extended RSS) file, which is a type of XML file used for WordPress importing/exporting.

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