Why did my color theme change and why can't I fix it?

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    My color theme changed suddenly without me editing it, and I can’t edit it back even though the color palette is correct in my customize menu.

    The primary color on my page is now coral pink when before it was a dark purple.

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is you-need-food.com.



    If the WordPress Theme was updated, there may have been a chance in the settings.

    I have two possible ideas on this.

    1. When you view the front of your site, make sure your browser’s cache is cleared. Go to Tools or Settings in your browser and look for information on how to clear the browser cache. This removes the saved versions and information of a recently visited web page so it generates a “fresh” version. Some browsers do not completely reload a web page with reload or refresh and this ensures a fresh view. If it is the same, and not what you want, try step two.

    2. There are many HTML color charts online. Search for one and find the exact color you wish to have as your WordPress Theme color. Copy the color code, a hexadecimal alphanumeric number such as #123ABC. Paste it into the color selector directly and save the choice. Make sure you click Update or Save Changes on the Theme option screen. Check the front end of your site and see if it sets to the right color.

    If these do not work, please contact support again and a staff member may have to look into this closer.




    Note that Themes Staff have been working on the Bueno theme making changes and several bloggers using it have been posting with CSS issues as a result.

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