Why did my gravatar disappear?

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    I have a Gravatar profile, and I have a WordPress blog. My Gravatar image (Me at the left) was on my WordPress blog, but now it’s not.

    According to both profiles – the Gravatar profile and WordPress Dashboard – they’re both supposed to link to each other, so why won’t they? I keep going back & forth and in circles between both profiles and I don’t understand why they won’t fall into place.

    The blog I need help with is arunareject.wordpress.com.


    I’m having the exact same problem on adventureswithgravel.wordpress.com. I added one and linked it a couple of days ago, and it showed up on my profile on wordpress and when I liked other people’s posts. Today it has totally disappeared but still shows up on the Gravatar website.



    I don’t know why the conversation is missing, but this reply resolved it for me. I hope this helps you, too:

    kobenland replied to a forum topic that you subscribe to

    in response to the topic “How do I restore my Gravatar Image to my Blog?”:

    Hi arunaadvaney,

    Did you try to change the email address under Appearance -> Widgets in the Gravatar Widget?
    You can find more troubleshooting tips here:

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