Why did my post not get emailed to my subscribers and isn't showing on anyfeeds?

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    I published a post and it was not emailed to my subscribers and it is not showing on my feed, but is appearing on the blog.

    The blog I need help with is brokenlightcollective.wordpress.com.



    is this the post in question? http://brokenlightcollective.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/innocence-and-wonder-3/

    I see you are using the same keyword(s) as both a category and tag. Please edit and choose to use one or the other. Search engines treat categories and tags in exactly the same way ie. they do not differentiate between them. So from their perspective you are “tag spamming” or “spamdexing”.


    Thanks for the reply. Yes it is. I have been posting every day for over a year and regularly overlap categories and tags, and I have never had a problem like this. Even if it wouldn’t show up on the tag feeds because of what you mentioned, it should still send the notification out to my subscribers, and appear on my personal feed. It is not doing either. I also had less than 15 categories and tags combined, so that shouldn’t be an issue.



    I’ll tag this thread for Staff attention. :)

    That said, do trust me when I say that using the same keyword(s) and/or keyword phrases as categories and tags does catch up with you and when it does it creates an indexing and editing nightmare, so my advice to act now and edit to remove the duplicates still stands.



    P.S. That same post is appearing in your RSS Feed for posts http://brokenlightcollective.wordpress.com/feed/


    Thank you. I took out the Autism tag. It still did not show up on feeds, or send out to subscribers, but will keep that in mind going forward.



    I am having the same problem. My 6:41 p.m. post shows up on my blog, but it was not emailed to subscribers (I am on my own list, to double-check), and it does not appear on Feedly.



    I’m having the same problem too



    I just copy-and-pasted, and reposted the entire story. This time it worked fine (I got the email notification, and it got picked up by Feedly). I deleted the original post, so I wouldn’t have duplicates on my blog. Hopefully it was a temporary glitch.


    Thanks dwoog for the update. I just tried it for the fifth time and it finally worked! Looks like it was a glitch. Phew. Have not missed a day in well over a year! I really hope this was a one time problem.

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