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Why did the appearance of my "Subscription" widget change?

  1. I did not makes any changes to my Subscription widget, but the appearance totally changed yesterday. The widget now just displays as a "follow" button and the text that I'm entering into the widget for the button (Take me on a Hairscapade) is not displaying at all. In addition, I tried to overwrite the "Follow Blog" text to just say "Subscribe," but the text is defaulting back to "Follow Blog" every time. The only thing I could do is add "by Subscribing" in order to ensure understanding. I don't understand why this widget has changed when the settings have not and I didn't change anything on it. Thank you.

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  2. Hi Shelli,

    The "Follow" button appears for users who are logged into their account. This allows WordPress users to both follow your blog via their "Blogs I Read" page and to receive email updates regarding new posts.

    For visitors to your site without a WordPress account, they will see a prompt to enter their email address to follow your blog.

  3. Thank you Evarlese. But why won't the item header "Subscribe" stick in the Widget settings?

  4. Users were briefly unable to customize the Subscriptions Widget yesterday. However, you should be able to customize the title now. Would you mind giving it another try?

  5. I did and it worked! Thank you!

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