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Why did the font change in a post?

  1. I was updating here
    yesterday and when I put text above the second picture I added (the last picture on the page...) the text was in a different font and size. Why did that happen? (I've noticed other incidents of the font changing too....) How do I get the font back to be the 'proper' one?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's probably because you've been copypasting from another source (such as Word). Never copypaste from other sources into the Visual editor: it introduces wrong code that messes things up. When you paste, paste into the Text editor, or use the Paste from Word button.

    If you're not familiar with coding, the easy way to correct the post is: highlight all in the Visual editor, copy, switch to Text, highlight all, paste, then re-insert the images and Update.

  3. While I have used the Paste from Word tool in the past, that is not what I was doing yesterday. I loaded the images into the media gallery and used the 'add media' to put the pictures in. The text I added was added directly into the Visual Editor not copied from elsewhere. I was doing all that to avoid having problems....! So why did I have problems?!

  4. If you switch the editor to Text, you'll see that all the paragraphs in the post you linked to include code like this:
    <span style="font-family:Arial;color:#000000;font-size:small;"> </span><span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-family:Wingdings;font-size:small;">Ø</span> <span style="font-family:Arial;font-size:small;">All new curly/whippy new growth ETC ETC
    Sorry, but the font-family and font-size commands cannot possibly be added by typing "directly into the Visual Editor".

  5. You're still misunderstanding my issue I think.... I'm not asking about the text in the rest of the post - just about why did the words 'Replacement plants - one pair on each side.' change font from the font for the description of the previous picture; all of which was done within WordPress with nothing copied from Word?

  6. Yes, I misunderstood. And the reason I misunderstood is that the words you're complaining about are the only correct ones: they are a separate paragraph that was typed without the addition of any code, so they show up in the default font family and font size of the theme.
    My original reply stands: what you need to correct is the rest of the post.

  7. Yeah - I got that re correct the rest of the post.... I thought the theme I was using did use Arial - or something similar to it - which was one of the reasons I chose it and why I was surprised when the different one appeared. Obviously I was wrong about the default font :(

    So, if I move the picture and text around to keep it within the 'wrong' font code thingys, that should work.... just tried it and it did.... I tried to go into the text editor to see if I could move or change things there. It kept bumping me up to the top again when I scrolled down to the bottom where the pictures are! @%#&! computers!!

    Thanks for your help but whoever developed this stuff sure didn't want to make it easy for amateurs!

  8. You're welcome.
    The default font for regular text in 2010 is Georgia. It's the font you see on, say, your sticky post "Purpose".
    If you don't like the this font, the right solution isn't the (bad) coding you have tried to use, the right solution is switching to a different theme. You can consult these posts of mine:
    Newer themes not included in my lists can be seen in action here:

  9. New - but related - problem....

    I switched the theme to twenty eleven, which uses an arial font. But I still need to go back through all the posts to correct the ones that are arial but a different size font. I've sort of got the hang of what needs deleting when I look at it in the text editor. BUT the text editor is driving me crazy! It keeps jumping to the top of the post when I'm doing things further down, so I keep losing my place. I have no idea whether I'm doing something wrong or whether there's something wrong with the editor. I tried searching in the support information but there doesn't seem to be anything that explains how to use the editor - e.g. the purpose of all the buttons across the top; does using the delete key on my keyboard do something different than a del button on the editor, etc. Maybe I'm just not finding the right information page. Can you help me on this issue too please?

  10. a) There is a Support doc that explains the purpose of all the buttons:

    b) You need to remove all the wrong span tags - all the opening ones that are like this:
    <span style="ETC ETC ETC">
    as well as all the corresponding closing ones:
    The fast way to do this is highlight all in the Visual editor and click the "Remove Formatting" button.

    c) "It keeps jumping to the top of the post when I'm doing things further down": you mean when you click Update, or when you change something but haven't clicked Update yet?

  11. 'remove formatting' - the magic bullet! Thank you! I was removing the span tags one-by-one.... :(

    The jumping to the top thing seemed to happen almost at random - if I highlighted what I wanted to remove, sometimes it would jump to the top before I could click delete; if I deleted things letter-by-letter rather than highligting the whole thing, sometimes it would jump to the top after a few letters, and so on - I couldn't find any pattern to why it did it so couldn't figure out what to avoid doing. I started updating after every change thinking that maybe it didn't like having to remember a number of changes - that didn't seem to help any. Hopefully the 'remove formatting' will get me through the rest of the changes I need to make without having to use the text editor again!

  12. If the editor jumps to the top without your clicking Update, then you probably have a browser problem. What browser and version are you using?

  13. Internet Explorer 8

  14. I needn't have asked... Download and start using a decent browser: Firefox or Safari.

  15. Sorry - not going to do that.....

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