Why Did The Fruit Shake Theme Header Options Change?

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    The first day Fruit Shake theme became available I fell in love with it and immediately began using the Blueberry theme. One of the header options was to remove text from the header, which is an option I really like. However, I went to my blog today and the text is back in place, and the option to remove the text is no longer available.

    What happened? Why is the ‘remove header text’ no longer an option? Is this going to be a permanent change?

    The header text ruins the look and feel I want for my theme. If I can’t remove the header text, then I’ll have to return to using a different theme that I like less, but gives me the header control I want.

    Thank you.
    Blog url: http://prayerfully.wordpress.com/


    Which header text do you mean – the text that is on your image (the verse from Isaiah) or the tagline (‘Self-discovery and Christian identity…’)?



    Hi Matt, I’m referring to the blog title and tag line at the top of the page. I know i’m in control of what’s on the image. What I can’t find is the option to remove the blog title and tag line above the image. There was an option to hide that text and then the option seems to have gone Hoffa on me, lol.


    No problem, I just wanted to clarify what you meant instead giving you instructions that could have been erroneous. :)

    You can remove (or change) both the blog title and the tagline by going to the Settings > General page and changing the Site Title and Tagline sections.

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