Why did the gallery image titles recently stop being displayed?

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    Jackiedana explained above that tooltips are being removed from all images to address accessibility issues. This is not only true for hosted WordPress but also for the core program itself.

    Use whatever Gallery style best suits your needs. If you wish to use Captions in the default Gallery style, best to make them brief, as they will appear under the thumbnail image. You can also add information to the image description field, which will appear either in the Photo Carousel or Attachment Page, depending on your Media settings. that will of course require your visitors to click through to the Carousel or Attachment page to see it.

    Since you prefer to use the default Gallery style, did you know that you can also display larger “thumbnails” by adding size="medium" to your gallery shortcode in the Text Editor?



    Yes, as I’ve described above I have used both captions and the various size options for the default gallery style.

    In my previous post here, within the critique of the “rectangular” style, I wrote:

    You can modify the size of images in the default or “thumbnail” gallery with the following size options: medium, large, full (and thumbnail), without having to deal with random resizing of your images by some mysterious process.

    In an October 31 post in this thread, I wrote:

    I’ve sometimes use[d] captions to provide information regarding gallery images. For some, captions might provide a reasonable alternative to tooltip titles, but with the WordPress theme I’ve been using for the past couple of years (no others seem suitable) the displayed text of a gallery image caption is in an unattractive large italic. A WP support person pointed out a workaround a year or so ago, but it failed when I tried it.

    Someone gave me a link to a page (at wpbtips.com, I think) that described a way of changing the text font of WordPress gallery captions, but my attempts to apply the suggested method failed to change italic to normal text.

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