why did update mess up my blog?

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    Please see my note from yesterday: after an upgrade, my blog, dianevacca.wordpress.com, lost all its widgets. The text/head of the most recent entry bleeds into the header, obscuring part of it. Appearance, in other words, HORRIBLE. Please either fix it cancel the update and refund the payment.
    Blog url: http://dianevacca.wordpress.com/



    It looks like those changes were caused by the CSS edits you made to your site.

    To push the blog post content down so that it’s not overlapping with the header image, you’ll want to add some “padding” to the bottom of the header:

    #header {

    You can change the number to the amount of padding that you prefer.

    Regarding the sidebar issue, it looks like there was an error with your #content and #sidebar edits. Can you let me know what changes you’d like to make to your content and sidebar so we can help provide the best CSS snippet for you?



    Hi Evarlese,

    I did as you suggested for the padding. Now the text doesn’t overlap the header, but the space created has a color (blue) rather than white blank space (which is what I want).

    I guess I made some changes to CSS when I created a custom header. Any changes I made were to create the header with my own picture and custom colors. If I made errors on #content and #sidebar edits, then why was the sidebar just fine until yesterday? And what did the update do?

    I’ve compared the previous revision (Jan. 10, 2010) with the current CSS and there are only two differences– the padding-bottom and this:
    under body,

    p img { p img {
    + height:15px;
    margin:0 5px; margin:0 5px;

    The sidebar had these widgets:

    Search [search VBI]
    Recent Posts
    Recent Comments
    Follow Blog [email subscription]

    The blog had a bar of color running down each side. These are gone.

    As you can imagine, I’m anxious to get the blog straightened out.

    The only reason I did the upgrade was to be able to post video as I had before WordPress revoked that ability. But I may have misunderstood the nature of the upgrade: I never wanted to upload video from my computer, and now it seems to me that that’s what the upgrade allows.

    In any event, I don’t want the upgrade. I want my blog to be restored to the way it was up to yesterday.

    Thank you for your help.



    We’ve always required the VideoPress upgrade to upload your own videos.

    If you’re just placing videos from elsewhere, you still can following the guides at http://en.support.wordpress.com/videos/

    What you did purchase from us was the Value Bundle. This includes your Custom Design and VideoPress. If I cancel and refund that, you’ll lose both.

    Is that okay?



    I’m not interested in uploading my own videos, so I don’t need VideoPress. As for Custom Design, I want my blog restored to how it was before the upgrade. Will canceling the upgrade achieve that? If not, then I need help from WordPress to do it. I shouldn’t have to pay for Custom Design to repair errors caused by no fault of mine, but rather by some inherent WordPress quirk activated by the upgrade.



    I see the spaces I inserted to separate the OLD and NEW versions of code in my response (above, 7:47 pm) were deleted. What I wanted to show was that the line
    + height:15px;
    appears in the new version but not in the old.



    Well, the only upgrade that you purchased was the Value Bundle, which included the ability to make changes to your design. You made no other upgrades.

    If I cancel and refund that, your design will revert to its default state, and you’ll lose any ability to make changes. Are you sure you want me to do that?

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