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Why did you change the editing pages?

  1. I hate the way the new editing pages are. In the smaller screen it is too difficult to edit because the screen is too small. On the fullsize screen, most of the options I use disappear! I guess it's time to start looking for a new host site! Why can't you just leave things alone...everything worked fine until last week.
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  2. The changes were made through the core WordPress software based on feedback from millions of users.

    I'm sorry if you don't like the changes, but in many ways it is a major improvement, and can of course take some getting used to. Give it a shot for a week or so. You might find that you actually like it.

  3. So, when I post a new blog, and all of the spacing is wrong and half of it is missing, that's a major improvement? Seems like a major flaw to me!

  4. Please note that when you are in the standard editing page, you can increase the size of the editor area by dragging the lower left corner.

  5. I appreciate this into paolal but can't seem to get it to work on my end.

  6. May I ask you which browser and version you are currently using?

  7. Internet Explorer and Windows 7

  8. I would suggest upgrading your browser to a recent version, you can find information here about the latest version of each major browser.

  9. Thanks I appreciate this!

  10. It says that I have the most recent version of Internet Explorer and it still doesn't work...any other suggestions?

  11. I just tested using IE9 on Windows 7 and I can confirm that the editor text area size can be modified as explained above.

    Could you please try clearing your cache?

  12. I just checked and it is Windows Vista that I have - will that make a difference?

  13. It shouldn't make a difference, at least not about this feature.

    Can you confirm if your version of IE is 9?

  14. When I go to download IE9 it says that it is already on my computer.

  15. May I ask you to take a screenshot of your Edit Post page for any post, and then upload it to your media library?

    Please let me know when you have uploaded it so I can look at it.

  16. OK...just took a pic. Where on WP is the media library?

  17. OK I figured it out and it is there now.

  18. Ok, I see that you are using the HTML editor, can you please switch to the Visual editor (using the tab just above the editor text area) and confirm if then you can change the text area size?

  19. I usually use the Visual editor but still have the same problem. I just checked

  20. I just do not understand what the heck is going on. I just spent two hours putting a blog together and when I saved the draft 2/3 of it disappeared and wasn't saved. I am even trying Firefox as a web browser now and it is still doing the same thing.

  21. Just to be sure, is this happening in both Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9?

    Are you running any third-party security or firewall software?

    If so, would you mind posting with it disabled, just to test?

  22. Yes, it is happening in both Firefox 4 and IE 9. I disabled my firewall software and have been working on a blog to be published on Friday. As I add a certain amount of information, I save the draft, and then add more. Each time I save the draft certain areas of text or pictures do not save.

  23. Is the draft being written entirely in the Visual Editor tab, HTML editor tab, both, or a third-party app?

  24. I use the visual editor tab

  25. Ok, just to be sure that I have this straight. You write a post in the Visual tab in either IE 9 or FF 4, but 2/3 of the draft disappears when you save it?

    And, is this happening consistently?

  26. Yes. Though 2/3 doesn't disappear every time, something always does.

  27. I'm unable to reproduce this myself. Are you using any add-ons or toolbars?

    Another thing that would be great to try would be Chrome:

    Chrome allows you to open an Incognito Window, which shuts off all cache, cookies, and add-ons. It's a pretty straight-forward way to rule out a problem on your end.

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