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Why didn't I receive a comment sent to me?

  1. On November 19, a fellow blogger sent me a comment that I never received. I've gotten comments from him before that time and after, but for some reason, I did not receive this one comment. I'm wondering if it has happened other times now. I discovered it by accident by going to his blog the next day and seeing the comments posted for November 19 and seeing the comment to me that I never got.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please do not post duplicate threads.

  3. Okay! Can you give me a reason why this happened?

  4. No if I could then I would have posted one.

  5. I think there is a glitch somewhere in the system

  6. Does this happen often or only happened once? Are you sure the comment e-mail didn't end up in your Spam/Junk folder?

    Since it's been a while ago we can't check if the comment notification was sent. Looking at your settings everything is properly set and you should be able to receive comment notifications now.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

  7. It did not end up in my spam folder. How would I know if it happened more than once?....the thing is I didn't receive the comment. If you don't receive the comment you don't know if someone is sending you one. I only found out by accident when I went to the senders blog and saw the comment directed to me from the previous day. Anyway, I thought I should bring this up. Thanks for getting back to me. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. the thing is I didn't receive the comment.

    You mean you didn't receive the comment notification e-mail? or you didn't you receive the comment at all?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. I didn't receive either one.

  10. Sorry for the confusion. How did the fellow blogger sent you the comment? Do you perhaps have a link?

  11. The blogger had an interesting post that I commented on. The following day, I went back to his post to see what other people had commented about it. That's when I saw that there was a response to my comment and I thought....hey! I never got that response! I never got the email notification either. Like I said before...I have received comments from this blogger before this happened and since. So I guess it was just that one day for some reason.

  12. Was this blog hosted on

    When leaving a comment, you need to select the checkbox that says 'Notify me of followup posts via e-mail' - this checkbox is located below the comment form.

  13. Yes. The blog is neverphoto (I have his permission to tell you). And the comment to me is from 11/19. The checkbox has been checked all along.

  14. It seems your comment was cleared by the Akismet Spam Filter, but got approved by the blog owner. This might also be the reason why you didn't receive a comment notification.

    Approved comments won't end up in the spam filter again. Sorry for the trouble and we will note your feedback for future improvements.

  15. OK... not sure I understand everything here, but glad you have a solution. Just wanted to make sure that all the comments directed to me, get to me (as I'm sure every other blogger wants, too). Thanks for your help.

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